To increase access to Victoria’s artistic output; today and for future generations.


  1. To enable and support the promotion of Victoria's artists and artistic events locally, nationally and internationally.
  2. To host and maintain a permanent, living archive of the artistic activity in Victoria and support others who do so.
  3. To support the development of effective communication tools, which facilitate connections within the local artistic community.
  4. To provide education regarding technology and online solutions to artists and cultural organizations



Doug Jarvis 

Kay Galivan

Jason Guille

Stacey Ashworth

Mike Devlin

Kyra Kordoski

Nev Gibson

Sam Peekeekoot


The Victoria Arts Promotion and Preservation society was officially incorporated April of 2014 after a number of years of formative meetings and planning. 

In 2015, in partnership with the City of Victoria we added a public art map and gallery to ArtsVictoria.ca which merged the City’s official public art database, with an open community driven system that allows anyone to post notable art of any kind. Later in 2015, VAPPS organized their first event where teams of people travelled around the city photographing and publishing information on local street art.

In 2016 and 2017 when the city of Victoria and the Capital Regional District, were building their community arts plans, VAPPS and ArtsVictoria.ca’s detailed statistics systems were important resources for collecting information about artistic activity in Victoria.


ArtsVictoria.ca is a community driven calendar, directory and living archive of arts activity in Victoria BC. ArtsVictoria.ca is funded by the city of Victoria. VAPPS serves as administrative and advisory body ensuring ArtsVictoria.ca meets the needs of the arts community, and that the artistic data is preserved for future generations.

Get Involved

We want to hear from you. Drop us a line at info@victoriaarts.ca. We have an open board meeting policy, for our board meetings on the first wednesday of every month at 4pm. Email info@victoriaarts.ca for time and place.